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Gentry Trucking LLC was founded in 1966 by James T. and Linda Gentry, starting with one truck and operating from their home. Gentry Trucking has grown into a family-owned and operated business with forty trucks and fifty-one refrigerated reefers. We are a progressive company that offers 24-hour service seven days a week and has an on-site dispatcher. The terminal is located in Greenwood, Louisiana and visible from Interstate 20. Situated in an industrial area, the complex consists of office areas, the dispatcher residence, the shop and work bays that accommodate up to five trucks at a time.

  • All trucks are less than three years old
  • Each is serviced weekly by experienced mechanics
  • Our expert foreman has been with the company for over thirty years
  • We are a Class 1 Motor Carrier
  • We are authorized by the Interstate Commerce Commission to haul throughout the U.S.
  • We have acheived a satisfactory DOT rating

Brad Gentry

Brad is daily at the helm of this family-founded operation. He is surrounded by a team of skilled professionals that include his parents, James T. and Linda Gentry, who founded this company. Brad grew up working in the business with folks he now directs.

Office Employees

Office staff includes Kim Gentry-French who takes care of the insurance and safety needs of the company and its employees; Cathy Fullen and Kelley Huck who take care of driver settlements and accounts payable and receivable; and Daniel French, a third-generation of this family, who is presently in the management training program.


Tommy Lewis and Charles Cox are our 24/7 on-site dispatchers that act as the liaison between drivers and customers.